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playground donated to local school

The good things in the world are meant for everyone

By Phil Clark / October 23, 2021

Philadelphia’s two great saints, John Nuemann and Katherine Drexel, understood that good schooling is meant for all students. That’s why they established and developed the system of Catholic schools in America. I am graduated from that system. It is only just that I would give some nice playthings to a bunch of kids at the…

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Miriam, Part 2

By Phil Clark / July 17, 2021

In this episode, I continue my phone call with Miriam who wonders if she may one day qualify for the Boston Marathon. Her current performance time is far from a Boston qualifying time. I think she can qualify and I explained why in the last episode. This part of the conversation moves on to other…

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Miriam, Part 1

By Phil Clark / July 17, 2021

Miriam and I had a nice phone call about running. She’s a writer who’s currently based in Philly. If you read the New York Times bestselling memoir, “A Journal for Jordan,” you may remember a character named Miriam—that’s her. Miriam’s main question for me is: Can I qualify for the Boston Marathon? The problem is…

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cushioned running shoes

Cushioned running shoes or firm?

By Phil Clark / March 20, 2021

The part of a technical running shoe that you are likely to feel the most is the part underfoot, which is called the midsole. Think of the midsole as the foundation that the rest of the shoe is built on. Midsoles are most commonly made from relatively soft plastics like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and ethylene…

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foot numbness

Foot numbness

By Phil Clark / March 14, 2021

Disease is a leading cause of foot numbness. Morton’s neuroma, diabetes, Chiari Malformation, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and mononeuropathy all list foot numbness among their symptoms. The following quote from a newsletter of the National Institutes of Health gives sound advice: “Health problems can also affect the feet. Lack of feeling in your feet…

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running speed

Running speed and its connection to shoes

By Phil Clark / March 6, 2021

Competitive runners have always wanted lightweight running shoes and manufacturers have always fulfilled that desire. There is some evidence that heavier shoes reduce the running speed achieved in lighter shoes. Young, competitive, male runners, who run the 5K in less than 20 minutes, were observed wearing lightweight shoes and heavier shoes. The later slowed them…

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running shoe store

Running shoe store with a focus on selection & service

By Phil Clark / February 13, 2021

Philadelphia Magazine included Run Shoe Store in an article about local running shoe stores. We are the running shoe store for people who live in Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Old City. But we get customers from as far away as Scranton. Here’s why: Selection The only shoe that you can trust is the…

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running coach

The story of a running coach

By Phil Clark / February 6, 2021

The folks at Philadelphia Magazine mentioned me in an article titled, “Running Coaches Around Philadelphia Who Can Help You Cross Your Next Finish Line.” This is the story of how I became a running coach. 1996 Atlanta Games After having some achievements in high school and more in college, I was invited to train with…

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wrong size

Wrong size shoes can’t be fixed by changing brands.

By Phil Clark / January 2, 2021

The great majority of our customers wore the wrong size before they came to Run Shoe Store. When shopping for shoes, they would pick something that looked cool and then would try it on in different sizes until it didn’t hurt. They would start with the size that matched their non-athletic shoe size, and then…

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sneaker store

Philly’s best sneaker store is back and safer than ever!

By Phil Clark / June 16, 2020

We want to get it right. Before now, that meant knowing when to leave you alone and when to offer help. It meant measuring, selecting, testing, and listening until we found the most comfortable shoe in the store for you. It meant never rushing and never selling. We still do those things because that’s what…

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