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Do I need insoles for my running shoes?

By Phil Clark / October 5, 2019

There are three kinds of insoles that are commonly put into technical running shoes, in descending order of importance: manufacturer’s insoles, orthotics, and off-the-shelf insoles. The manufacturer’s insole is the most common type. Manufacturers put insoles into almost all technical running shoes. Of the 62 different styles of technical running shoes that we currently carry,…

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What makes HOKA ONE ONE shoes different?

By Phil Clark / September 28, 2019

HOKA ONE ONE, like every other shoe manufacturer, boasts a number of different technologies. HOKA shoes have one, very recognizable feature: a large amount of cushioning underfoot. They also shape their midsoles to mimic a rocker, so that the shoe helps drive you forward. The main advantage But the technology that sets them apart from…

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foot numbness

Why do arch supports hurt my feet?

By Phil Clark / August 10, 2019

Arch supports probably don’t hurt your feet. Size and width explain much of what makes shoes comfortable and also explain much of what makes shoes painful. Pain, even in the arch, is most likely due to too little room, not to arch supports. A foot has three arches Biomechanists sometimes describe the foot as having…

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foot numbness

Do high arches need arch support?

By Phil Clark / August 3, 2019

Run currently stocks 40 different styles of shoes and each one of them supports the arch. Whether you have high arches, low arches, or something in-between, it’s practically impossible to buy a shoe that doesn’t give some kind of arch support. The construction of the upper, the materials selected for use in the midsole, and…

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What runners should do about blisters on the feet.

By Phil Clark / July 13, 2019

The best way to deal with blisters is to avoid them. The best way to avoid them is with a proper fitting sock, made from the right materials, designed for your activity, and worn inside a properly fitting shoe. Socks should fit Look for socks with sizes. Just like you want shoes to match the…

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running coach

Can I race in my training shoes?

By Phil Clark / June 29, 2019

You can race in training shoes if they are still alive. Shoes don’t last forever. And when they’re dead, they’re done. That’s a fact that doesn’t occur to everyone. Those that do realize it, have some questionable ways of deciding when a shoe needs to be replaced. Some will look at the outsole to see…

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expensive running shoes

Are expensive running shoes worth the money?

By Phil Clark / June 22, 2019

Absolutely. Because the technical running shoe may be the most comfortable shoe that you will wear. So instead of asking if expensive running shoes are worth the money, ask instead if really comfortable sneakers are worth the money. In-line technical running shoes can cost as much as $200. But they can cost as little as…

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How much should you pay for running shoes

How much should you pay for running shoes?

By Phil Clark / June 15, 2019

There are two categories of prices for technical running shoes: prices for in-line shoes and prices for close-out shoes. So when people ask, ‘How much should you pay for running shoes?’ it’s best to give two answers, one for each of those two categories. How much should you pay for running shoes that are in-line?…

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How far in advance should I buy running shoes before a race?

By Phil Clark / June 1, 2019

Get help! If you have the help of a knowledgeable retailer, you shouldn’t be concerned about buying running shoes before a race. The shoes will fit right out of the box. Because special attention will be paid to the shoe’s length, width, and comfort. When those three things are correct, the shoe will be ready…

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cushioned running shoes

Do running shoes make good walking shoes?

By Phil Clark / May 25, 2019

The technical running shoe is the best-researched and developed athletic shoe. It’s also the best all-purpose exercise shoe. This is good news for walkers. Because, while it may not be easy to find walking shoes, you can find technical running shoes in many places. Running shoes are better than walking shoes for general exercise In…

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