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Philly’s best sneaker store is back and safer than ever!

We want to get it right. Before now, that meant knowing when to leave you alone and when to offer help. It meant measuring, selecting, testing, and listening until we found the most comfortable shoe in the store for you. It meant never rushing and never selling. We still do those things because that’s what it means to be the neighborhood sneaker store.

Now, we also want to get safety right. Here’s how.

1. Crowd control

The best way to maintain distance is to eliminate crowds. Our website has a scheduler that we encourage everyone to use. The scheduling system helps us keep fewer than five people (including staff) in the store at one time.

2. Decontamination

Every visitor is first directed to our newly-installed handwashing sink. We time them as they wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and then they dry them thoroughly. Microbial testing devices have shown that those two simple steps—washing and drying hands—can reduce all microbes and viruses from the hands.

We have also installed a drop-off location that we require visitors to put their belongings in.

3. Clean shoes and surfaces

Contagious people spread the virus through droplets produced by sneezing, coughing, spitting, and talking. The droplets are heavy enough that gravity pulls them down to surfaces below. People touch those surfaces and then touch their faces and from there the virus can enter through the eyes, mouth, and nose.

We block these droplets by wearing masks, requiring guests to wear masks (we have plenty if you forget yours), and talking behind an acrylic shield when feasible.

Every pair of shoes is disinfected before going back into the box.

To keep our surfaces clean, we went to an expert: the training manager at an industry-leading janitorial and cleaning supply company. He wrote the plan for keeping Run Shoe Store cleaned and disinfected during the pandemic. He is a CMI  Certified Professional Trainer, ISSA Certification Expert, and helps companies earn CIMS and CIMS-Green Building utilizing  LEED: EB O&M green-cleaning criteria.

4. Ventilating the sneaker store

The CDC says that airborne transmission from person-to-person in close proximity is uncertain and that it is unlikely over long distances. Nonetheless, we think it’s important to treat the air inside the gym.

A licensed HVAC technician has installed award-winning, in-duct air purifiers that kill up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses. In addition, the charged plasma that it produces induces particles to coagulate, which makes them bigger and easier for filters to catch.

Different air filters have different ratings. There are a couple of different rating systems but what they have in common is that they assign a number to each filter and the bigger the number, the more efficient it is at filtering air particles from the air passing through the filter.

We use filters with a Filter Performance Rating of 10 (also called ‘FPR 10’), which is the highest rating for that particular rating system. FPR 10 will filter out bacteria and particles that can carry viruses.

sneaker store

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