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running shoe store

Running shoe store with a focus on selection & service

Philadelphia Magazine included Run Shoe Store in an article about local running shoe stores. We are the running shoe store for people who live in Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Old City. But we get customers from as far away as Scranton. Here’s why:


running shoe store

The only shoe that you can trust is the shoe on your foot.

Manufacturers make shoes in different countries and at different factories. They may make one style in China but another in Vietnam, or one color in Indonesia and another color in China. All of that variability can make it difficult to predict that a size 9 in black, for example, will feel like the same size 9 in grey. (Pro tip: If you like it in black, buy it, don’t assume that you’ll like it in grey!)

That’s why we have the area’s largest selection of technical running shoe styles, sizes, widths, extra-widths, over-sizes, and under-sizes for both men and women.


We are also prepared to give people expert service. However, we realize that not everyone wants that. One customer may walk in wanting to be left alone. Another walks in and wants everything short of a back rub—and would gladly take that, too.

A couple of stories will illustrate the point:

running shoe store

A mother and son came in looking for shoes. I greeted them with, “Welcome to Run! My name is Phil. Feel free to look around as long as you want. If you want my help, just let me know.”

They asked me to bring out a specific pair of shoes. Then they huddled together to talk and to look at their smartphones. They asked me to bring out another specific pair and they repeated the same behavior. They continued like that for about 30 minutes. When they were checking out, the mom said, “That was the best shoe buying experience we ever had. Thanks so much for leaving us alone!”

running shoe store

A woman came in to buy shoes. It was her first time in a running shoe store. Her very first question was, “Which shoe is best for me?” I replied, “The shoe that’s most comfortable. We have a process for finding out which one that is.”

I started by saying that she should tell me if she sees any shoes on the wall that she will never put on her feet. I told her to point out the shoes that were very cool looking. Then I told her that technical running shoes tend to cost between $100 and $170 and to tell me if that range is within her budget or if I should focus on a smaller range of prices. Finally, I assured her that no matter how much I helped, she was under no obligation to buy.

She compared shoes by simultaneously wearing one shoe from two different pairs. She described how both shoes felt, identified the one that felt most comfortable, and explained what she found uncomfortable. I grabbed some different shoes that were suggested by her comments. She took off the least comfortable shoe and put on the next candidate. This process continued until she found the most comfortable pair.

During checkout she said, “That was the best buying experience I have ever had. I never received so much help and information!”

The running shoe store with the right touch

running shoe store

We meet you wherever you’re at.

We don’t force service on you because we know that service makes some people uncomfortable. We are happy to give help whenever it’s requested. We’ll even change directions as you do: sometimes a person starts out not wanting service but then decides that they want help and vice versa.

We believe that the best shoe is the most comfortable shoe that fits and is new. We figure out what to do, or not, to get that pair of shoes on your feet.

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