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Under Armour

Does Under Armour make good running shoes?

I have high regard for the companies that manufacture technical running shoes, which are shoes made specifically for running. There are not many of those companies that are recognized around the world. Under Armour is now among their number.

Making a durable technical running shoe is hard because running causes forces that punish shoes.

Running is jumping: you float in the air between takeoff and landing. Once airborne, gravity pulls you down fast, accelerating your body towards the earth even faster than Usain Bolt exploding out of starting blocks. Landing is like a collision during which a runner hits the ground with three times the body weight.

An average-sized woman, therefore, hits the ground with about 500 pounds of force, and the ground hits her back with an equal but opposite force. That force acts on the shoe, every time the shoe touches the ground. She could land 80 times per minute, per foot. That all adds up to 200 tons of force per foot per mile!

So it’s amazing that running shoes can survive for a mile. Manufacturers have figured out how to make them last for months.

What Under Armour brings to the table

Under Armour

Under Armour does the same things that the other globally-recognized running shoe manufacturers are doing. They make shoes that are well-cushioned and comfortable around the ankle. Their shoes provide support. The midsoles are durable enough to last for months. Their outer soles give enough traction to be used on a variety of surfaces. A wearer’s foot will stay in place inside the shoe. And feet don’t get too wet during running. Most importantly, they are comfortable on many feet.

Under Armour’s core technology is called HOVR. Both the HOVR Phantom and the HOVR Infinite are available at Run Shoe Store. Here are the main features:

  • The shoes are designed to maintain energy return.
  • The upper allows for the evaporation of moisture and gently supports the foot.
  • There’s a mid-foot wrap that helps keep the foot in place.
  • The Phantom’s sock-like ankle collar makes the shoe feel snug around the ankle.
  • External heel counter
  • Non-removable sockliner
  • Rubber outsole
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Phil Clark