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best gym shoe

Weightlifting shoes are the best

When I seriously started powerlifting, I was influenced by the publications of Pavel Tsatsouline. He persuaded me to lift wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers, because they are flat. For a while, I thought they were the best shoes to lift heavy barbells with.

Later in my career, I prioritized Olympic Weightlifting over powerlifting. I learned from Olympic weightlifters and their coaches. I eventually decided to wear Olympic weightlifting shoes.

The first thing I did in weightlifting shoes was a barbell squat. I got under a the bar, squatted down and…immediately thought I was going to the Olympics in Weightlifting! The solid-heel construction of weightlifting shoes leaves you heels feeling like they’re nailed to the ground.

I came out of that squat with more force and control than ever before been in life. I was sold! Those Chuck Taylors never touched my feet again.

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Phil Clark