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(I know — that’s an old-school idea, these days.) There’s a good one in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.

His name is Phil Clark. He is the owner and founder of Run Shoe Store and The Training Station gym, right behind the store.

He was a competitive runner that wanted to beat everybody. The odds were 7 billion to 1, but Phil wasn’t counting. Some of the world’s best coaches taught him how to win. They also taught him how to be a coach...the kind of coach that understands long shots; the kind of coach that figures out what to do to win.

Like when Phil taught a stroke victim how to run again—after physicians said that he never would.

Or when Phil told a new runner to train with 50-yard runs (she went on to run many marathons and other long distance races).

Or when Phil watched a video of a runner’s every step—12,000 total—to find the flaws that were preventing him from running faster.

Or when Phil introduced a small, Pennsylvanian, collegiate, track team to eastern European conditioning drills—the team won a lopsided victory at its conference championships, just four months later.

Can Phil help you?
Probably, yes.

running coach
training on shoulder press machine
running coach
running coach
yale track awards and medals

Phil has won awards for everything related to running:
“Best Gym for Serious Runners,” “Every Runner’s Secret Weapon,” “Best Sneakers,” and so on.

How does it work?
It’s simple. Send him an email at [email protected].

Share your dreams or fears.
He’ll write back. You two will schedule an appointment to talk face-to-face.

How much does it cost?
$200 per hour. During a one-hour consultation, Phil can usually plan an entire training program. He won’t use additional time, unless requested.

There’s always a running event on the calendar. Get Ready. Train with Phil.

Check out Phil’s personal website for more background information.