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The Philadelphia Inquirer

This Way Up: Foot injury leads a runner to a shoe fitting

By: Art Carey 

“Nearly seven years ago, while I was tugging a rusty shock absorber from an old jeep, the jack slipped, and one of the wheel hubs - and most of the vehicle's weight - landed on my kneeling leg..."

ABC 6 - Philadelphia

Sneaker Fitting and Gait Analysis

Phil helps out Philadelphia's ABC Channel 6 with sneaker fittings and gait analysis at Run Shoe Store.

Philadelphia Magazine

If Running Sucks, You’re Doing It Wrong

By: Emily Leaman

“Phil Clark is a serious runner. He’s been doing it for 25 years, through high school, college and now as a professional athlete. A Philly native…”

KYW News

Foot Pain From Running

By: Kim Glovas

Expert: Foot Pain From Running Usually Comes From Wearing The Wrong Shoe Size “Phil Clark, a Yale graduate, is training for the Olympics and has trained…”